Trusted Brand of Coffee by Aik Cheong

Trusted Coffee Brand in Malaysia

Roasting and supplying the finest quality coffee for over 66 years in Malaysia, MyCafe — a brand specially created by Aik Cheong, was crafted uniquely to deliver maximum flavor and change people’s minds about coffee.

At MyCafe, we’re passionate about what goes into your cup. We believe everyone deserves a truly quality cup of coffee. Therefore, all of our flavored instant coffee is made using premium coffee beans, gently infused with high-quality flavors from ingredients we love to ensure you enjoy the most premium experience.

We even roast all our coffee fresh to order, which means you can receive it as fresh and tasty as it gets. Discover more about our fantastic range today, and what makes MyCafe the trusted brand in Malaysia!

Trusted Brand of Coffee by Aik Cheong

A Flavour Trusted By Malaysian Coffee Lovers

Established Brand

People know our name and our reputation for quality. With over 66 years of experience, we are experts at making great coffee for Malaysians!


We source our coffees directly from talented farmers, roast fresh and quality-checked over and over again to deliver the best level of quality assurance and consistency in our products.


As coffee roasters and keen coffee lovers, we know the importance of fresh coffee. All of our coffees are roasted to order to ensure you receive it as fresh and tasty as it gets.

Highest Product Certifications

At MyCafe, we are committed to ensure the quality and integrity of every one of our products. We hold the highest certifications and accreditations for our product and manufacturing process.


Discover Our Range


Creamer, Sugar, Instant Coffee, Skimmed Milk Powder and Microground Coffee Comes with Choco granule topping

3 in 1 Regular CoffeeMix

Non Dairy Creamer, Glucose, Syrup, Vegetable Oil, Sodium Caseinate (Contains Milk Protein), Emulsifier E471, Stabilizer E340, Anti Caking Agent, Beta Carotene, Sugar and Instant Coffee


Creamer, Sugar, Slimmed Milk Powder, Cocoa Pawder, Malt Extract and Vanilla Powder


Creamer, Sugar, Skimmed Milk Powder and Instant Black Tea


Malaysia’s Leading Roasters - Aik Cheong

Aik Cheong — one of leading coffee brands in Malaysia who proudly carving a niche for itself in premier brewing and coffee consumption facets both nationwide and internationally.

With over 66 years of experience in the industry, we dare say that we are continuously committed to consistently providing high quality gourmet beans, powder and related blends, all yielding the very best in aroma, body, and taste.